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SecureCheck 8: Printing Checks for Windows 7

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Windows 7 64-bit environments

Now that you’ve upgraded to the latest version of Windows, you need the latest in check printing technology. Look no further than SecureCheck 8 MICR check printing software.   Designed to enhance your Windows 7 check printing productivity through task automation, greater efficiency and ease-of-use, SecureCheck 8 will allow you to print business checks with ease and confidence.

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Printing Checks with Windows 7 is Easy and Secure

Windows 7 64-bit check printing is simple with SecureCheck 8.  This state-of-the-art system merges the data from your accounting application with graphical overlays to create complete, printed checks. The intuitive interface allows you to produce any type of business check: accounts payable, payroll, refunds, and more! SecureCheck 8 is compatible with virtually all accounting applications for smooth check printing in Windows 7.

Increase your check printing security with a multitude of fraud prevention features. User permissions, audits, events logs, printed security fonts, check watermarks, optional event notifications, and optional positive pay automation provide the highest level of internal controls and fraud prevention for your blank laser checks.

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